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Rave Reviews for Lucky Guys Burgers. We could write about how good Lucky Guys Burgers Food is but that could just be percieved as us tooting our own horns (but of coarse we are very proud of our food). Read the testimonials below or go search for Lucky Guys Burgers Number 2, Reviews and see the latest reviews. (we have 30 reviews on Yelp with an average of FOUR STARS) Or better yet, read then come in and yelp about it yourself!

"The carne asada plate with the sides, and the roasted union n jalapeno is tasty!!!"

"Muchaca Burritos for breakfast! An awesome way to start my day! The best Muchaca burrito I ever tried!!"

"Chili Verde and eggs for breakfast. Most excellent!"

"Wet burrito with carne asada makes my mouth watah."

"Do you know how hard it is to find establishments that actually make GOOD pancakes that actually taste good if they are going to be priced high (Lucky's is not, but just saying)?! Lucky Guys has it all, from American to Mexican. I went back like 2 days in a row because the Avocado and Cheese omelette was so good. The egg for the omelette is actually fluffy; not cooked too hard nor too soft. Their cheese blend is awesome, and the avocado is so creamy. I thank them for keeping my breakfast experience local. In a county littered with local establishments that makes the ratio to typical fast-food places like 1.5:1, it's so nice to not have to stick to fast food!"

"They have pretty darn good zucchini fries and a chicken salad. I love that they have a combo with zucchini, onion rings and fries. My three fried faves... I know, I'm never going to lose weight... sigh... but maybe I could start yelping places to work out... Nah... that's not as fun as places to eat! hehe"

"I've always found this place to be something more than your typical "hamburger joint" based on their food selection and the quality of it. The food is cooked with great detail and not only do they offer your traditional American food (burgers, sandwiches, wraps...) they also offer a great selection of Mexican food.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and all are delicious. Portions are large and worth the price. I've ordered a number of plates here and can say it's worth the taste. I typically order their party size burritos for parties; the wet burrito is always a hit!"

"One of my favorite restaurants, came here for Sunday morning and got a little hesitant when the place was full, thought i would have to wait long for my food, well i still put in a order for me and my large family , and food was did not only take a short time to get to us but it was delicious! will come back soon for sure!"

"Great place for that non-chain restaurant Cheeseburger! I get the Avocado cheeseburger combo ALL the time! It's good! They also have Mexican food. I have tried both and both are equally good! Good EATS!"

"My dad and sister come here all the time and they took me here while i was visiting. They kept talking about breakfast burritos but i wasn't paying attention and was scouring the menu for something else. In the end I got the Mix Breakfast Burrito. It has beans, hash browns, salsa, cheese, egg, bacon AND sausage. The flour tortillas were soft and warm and everything inside meshed well. I became a huge fan after going a few times and started looking forward to breakfast when they would suggest Lucky Guys!"

"I was looking for a non chain restaurant to have lunch one day.  I tried the bacon cheeseburger and it was very tasty.  Not may places serve burgers like these anymore.  Staff is friendly and service is quick."

"It was huge, Suicide Burrito, an awesome mix of ham, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, cheese, beans, & green chili. Perfect amount of spice wrapped around a soft tortilla. It was huge after man handling it, had to chill to let it settle. Will be returning hungry!"

"Any person that knows where to eat knows about this place. Seriously, have eaten like everywhere in California and I always eat here! This place is 2 mins from my house lol. Seriously please listen to me now if you are hungry and want something you never tasted before that is super yummy delicious that is true mexican authentic food. Try a wet burrito that is chicken or shredded beef. You won't be disappointed i swear! This place is amazing and deserves more recognition."

"My bf he asked me what do I want from lucky guys.. I've  never been here before so I had no clue what to expect.  I decided to choose Downeys chicken sandwich...  There is no description of the sandwich so I was taking a chance.... Omg.... It was  delicious. It was the best tasting chicken sandwich I've ever had to be honest.  It had mushrooms and I have no clue what sauce... I will be going there myself very soon...     The double cheese burger my bf got was huge he said it was bomb... Well..  That's all:)"



    Family owned restaurant located at the city of Downey. We serve breakfast all day and our customers agree that we serve the best tacos and burritos in the area. Our menu includes a variety of authentic mexican food such as tacos, burritos, menudo, quesadilla and much more!



  • PHONE: (562) 803-3036

    ADDRESS: 12801 Bellflower Blvd
    Downey CA 90242

    Business Hours
    Monday - Saturday: 6:30 am - 10 pm
    Sunday - 6:30 am - 9 pm